so long lj…

Well, I've been contemplating this for a while… but I think it's finally time to leave LiveJournal behind. The only thing I use it for lately — as in the past few years — is reading other peoples' updates.
I'll still keep the account active but will likely never use it again.
I spent my "coffee break" this afternoon adding all my friends' blog-feeds to my Google Reader. BTW, the Google Reader app for the iPhone/Touch is pretty flawless.
I'll miss my lj-friends that were "friends only" but the main few I followed don't use it anymore either.
And so, LiveJournal, after all these years… I bid thee a fond fairwell.

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  1. Yeah, it's pretty much the same thing with me both on Vox and LJ…I just keep my accounts to read other people's blogs.

  2. How are you?!? :^DGood to hear from you.

  3. Yeah, it seems everyone I know online is trying to streamline their e-lives. It can get kinda overwhelming once you've signed up to 3645 services that expect you to update regularly. I've recently returned to blogging in light of my addiction to the kind of e-grazing that happens on FB and sites like Twitter and Plurk. They demand much less from me yet somehow consume more of my time. Huh?! It's true. Putting my energy into something like a blog seems more thought-full and productive. And at least in the long term, I'll have something worthwhile (this blog) as a result of my faffing…

  4. Hey, well, it's nice to see you posting, too.My normal blog is at: http://numenna.blogspot.comHope to see you there!

  5. I dropped my LJ almost as soon as I had started it. I needed a place to vent about certain things in my life and the the LJ friends all knew the person/issues I needed to vent about. (and few of them would not have passed along the vent/rant) So I jumped ship to Vox, and only added one RL friend , I started to aquire some interesting neighbors. I like to read the neighborhood, but I get so busy using all my time to read I dont get to post. And my shared ffamily and photo blogs are on Blogger, as is my 365. Vox is my personal place where I could vent about anything, if I needed to.

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