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Question about viewing videos on VOX… input appreciated…

[Okay… I’ve reworked this a bit since the first time I wrote it… title included. I hope it makes more sense now]

When you go to watch a video post on someone’s VOX, how much or how little does it bother you when the video doesn’t start playing right there in the person’s blog, but instead launches a new window and plays at the video-sharing site where the video was originally posted?

There are better quality video hosting sites than iFilm and YouTube out there that are not VOX compatible but are compatable with other blog platforms (that allow unanamous comments — which is why I use them too). Instead of having to upload videos to multiple video sharing platforms to satisfy multiple blogs, would you mind if, instead of the video playing right in VOX, you were redirected to another site (VideoEgg, Revver…) to watch the video?

Any and all feedback would be appreciated… Also, it’d be great it if anyone would be willing to pass this question along… I’d be curious to see what as many people as possible thought. It will help inform how/where I’ll post videos in the future.



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steelie’s first video post…

Well here it is… my first video post in all it’s non glory. I mentioned earlier this week that I was planning to do a video post sometime this week so I figures I should slide it in before midnight strikes here to stay true to my word…

Please don’t expect a lot from this video post… it’s a first for me… the lighting sucks… my hair sucks… I really should have shaved… it’s not glamourous by any means… I almost rerecorded it but that would kinda defeat part of what I would like to do with my posts which would be to stay as true as possible to the moment at hand. I will lose my train of thought. I will stutter. I will get flustered. I will laugh at myself. I will annoy myself… but I will be myself.

This is steelie’s first video post… it is far from perfect… but it’s here.
Feedback and constructive criticism appreciated.


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