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Introducing steelie-lite™ (with half the sugar of regular steelie™)…

Okay so, yeah… I’m currently the heaviest I have ever been and am trying to discover all the little ways I can remedy that. One simple little change is switching from coffee to tea (I can say “simple” because I like them both equally so, it’s not a huge travesty for me to switch). I like coffee but I find it far too bitter to drink without sugar; however, I could drink tea without sugar if I had to. So, I tend to drink my coffee sweeter than I drink my tea… using probably more than twice the sugar (I don’t measure… we’re talkin’ little spoon vs big spoon difference).

So, with this little change I would be consuming roughly 80-90 teaspoons (okay, so I do measure) of sugar less every month. That’s slightly effin’ scary.
Hmm… that’s it… I can’t think of a clever closing thought…

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QotD: The Best Part of Waking Up…

What's your morning beverage of choice?  Coffee, tea, juice?  Homemade or store-bought?

My first beverage of the day is usually the left-over milk from the bottom of my cereal bowl. If I have a tea or coffee, it’s usually once I get to work, and it’s usually a Chai Tea with soy milk and sugar… sometimes coffee… depends on the night before. And that would be a French Roast or Irish Cream coffee… I like the flavoured ones — definitely not a coffee purist.

I think I’ll need a coffee tomorrow. Hopefully not.



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