In the last/next little while…

In the last little while I’ve been laying pretty low… been good but been tired.

Little X was teething a couple of week ago… and as a result wasn’t feeling the greatest… and as a result wasn’t sleeping well… and as a result we weren’t sleeping well. He’s been sleeping in our room since he was born and we were planning to keep him in our room with us until he was 18 months — like we did with his older brother — unfortunately, his older brother was the only one sleeping well (fortunate for him, not so much for the rest of us).
And so, we opted to bump Little X’s moving date by a month with the hopes that him not seeing us when he wakes, thus expecting us to pick him up every time, will allow him to learn to fall back asleep on his own. It has been almost two weeks since he’s moved over and things have been much better. He still wakes up throughout the night but is able to soothe himself back to sleep half the time. :^D
In other news, I ordered some Parkour specific shoes from California a while ago and they finally came in. There the Freerunner model made by FiveTen. Here’s their description of the shoe:

Remember the opening scene of the movie, Casino Royale? When James Bond chases a bad guy through a construction site, with leaps and tumbles to rival Spiderman? Well, that’s Free-running. We’ve designed a shoe that will help with Wall Runs, Tic-Tacs and Precisions. The non-marking Stealth® Phantom soles and tri-density EVA cushioning helps Freerunners gain the confidence they need to push their limits.

I was talking to one of the guys in their shop who does Parkour — actually, the only guy in their shop who does Parkour — and he was telling me that got to help them design it. His big thing was that he wanted a shoe that someone could wear everyday and slip into Parkour-mode at the drop of a hat. I’m wearing them as I write this and they are more comfortable to wear as normal shoe than my running shoes. I like them. A lot!

Last weekend was my wife’s birthday. It was the first of her birthdays in a while that we actually had enough money, to buy gifts and go out for Birthday Breakfast at Cora’s — our favourite. I wanted this one to be special for her. Alas, she was hit with a bout of strept-throat which pretty much knocked her on her butt, which un/fortunately forced us to stay in all weekend. My wife had to sleep to get better but the time did all spend together was nice and relaxing.
I got her the Apple iPod Radio Remote which allows her to leave her iPod in her backpack and still have control over her play list. It also acts as an FM tuner and now she can listen to CBC radio on her iPod too. The boys each got her a Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amelie) movie. She loved everything. We also bought my wife an ice-cream cake. She loves them but usually skips them because I’m lactose-intolerant. The added bonus to this cake was the extra soothing effects the ice cream had on her sore throat.

Next week is my first soccer match in almost two years… I am excited and frightened. I am in the worst shape of my life and am carrying around an extra ten pounds I didn’t have last year. Ugh. Oh well, I have to  get back into shape somehow. Might as well be playing soccer.
Until next time.

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Personal Parkour Progress (PPP) 2007-11-09 Indoor training…

Just a simple parkour training video… for personal reference mostly.

I’ve been having problems working up the courage to try/practice certain techniques outdoors. Unfortunately, if I’m not willing to try them outdoors, then I can’t even become comfortable with the basic mechanics associated with those techniques. So, I joined a local gymnastics club with the hopes that I may overcome these mental obstacles.

My parkour path is modest and still in its early stages…

More personal parkour progress (PPP) to come.


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QotD: Work It On Out

Do you have a regular workout routine?  What's your favorite form of exercise?

No, I do not currently have a regular workout routine but I am in the process of putting one together.

As for my favourite form of exercise, I prefer sports or activities to going to the gym. I have a long-standing love affair with soccer but have never been good enough at it to play at the premier competitive level. And, I suppose, consequently never felt an absolute passion for playing as I know many other players do. I am not the most skilled player but I can run pretty darn fast. Right now I am on a bit of a soccer hiatus to focus on parenting responsibilities but plan to start back up in the spring.

And then along came Parkour. *Sigh*. I can’t say enough about it… or think enough about it anyway. As much as I love playing soccer, Parkour is, oh, so much more. I can honestly say (and have said before) that I have never been passionate about or obsessed with doing any one thing in my life before Parkour. I think about it everyday. Literally. In fact the workout routine I am working on is being designed around it. I am trying to select some of the better Parkour training videos I can find, taking notes and customizing it to my current abilities and surroundings.

My main resources to date have been the videos from the Techniques page on the Urban Freeflow website, and the two Parkour training-session videos below from the Resources section of the Parkour Coaching website, both shot by Julie Angel. I have started going to a gymnastics club to work on certain aspects of my training that I do not yet have the confidence to even attempt on cement. That was last Thursday… I will definitely be going back… and posting pics and videos too.

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QotD: My Solo Getaway

Would you go on vacation by yourself, and if so where would you go?
Submitted by Sean & Stefan.

I would, of course, firstly make sure that Ladyshark had ample baby-sitting support for the boys… Then I would take off to Lisse, France to the “birthplace” of Parkour. A bit of a pilgrimage, if you would.

I know, I know… I’m like a broken Parkour record. It’s just that I have never been passionate like this about anything before. Anybody? Yes. Anything? No.

So, that’s where I would go.


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I have a cold… I’m exhuasted… but I feel alive!

Late last night, while my computer was processing some files, I was watching some of Jump London, a Parkour (PK) / Free-running documentary. I love videos like this because even though I only got to see 15 minutes of it, I just felt absolutely inspired to get up from my computer desk and run… it didn’t matter that it was 2:15 am… or where I would go… there was simply nothing I’d rather be doing, than PK.

This morning I was running a bit late… well it was tight but I would have been on time but Little “L” wanted me to take him to the toilet at daycare before I left. It’s kinda become part of our morning routine but I was hoping he wouldn’t notice so that I might slip away to catch the ferry. Note to Self: Kids always notice when their routine is thrown off… and hey, he did want to use the toilet which is excellent potty training progress. Can’t fault him for that.

After settling him into his class, instead of rushing like I normally would, I deceided to take some Me time. The next boat wasn’t coming for another half-hour, so I dropped the car back home and ran down to the the train track that run along the waterfront on the way to the ferry. I decided to run/walk/jump along the rocks along the shoreline for excercise, PK practice and just for fun. My run, however, became much more meditative than I could have ever

The stretch of rocks was roughly a 0.8 – 1.0 km run. I became completely focussed on the the rocks surfaces… where and how my feet had to land… when and where I had to place my hands… all as I negotiated my way along the shoreline. Once I reached my destination, I went in but realised that this morning, I felt I was meant to stay outside and continue moving. I really did not want to stop.

Once on the ferry, I felt like I had become very aware of everything around me. I watched the waves like I used to when I was a kid. I watched and really noticed how things in the forground pass by quicker than those in the background — I already knew they did but It was like I was realising it for the first time.

For the greater portion of the day I have felt completely f’under the weather, physically. I have, however, quite enjoyed being in my head today.

I have always looked forward to doing PK with the rest of the group because there is a great energy about it… and it has been far too long since I’ve the chance to go out. Having said that, in the video, Sebastien Foucan (co-founder of PK), explained that you learn more about Parkour and yourself as a traceur, when you train by yourself. He said something to effect of (and I’m paraphasing here), when you train alone, you are afraid of things more because you only have yourself to rely on mentally and physically. The mind can be your enemy when you’re alone and it’s important to analyse and understand why we are afraid of things the way we are to move past them.

From now on I will train alone more often as opposed to always looking to next group run as the next time I can go. I’m going to out again this weekend. More than once.

Parkour is briliant.


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QotD: Recess!

What was your favorite game to play at recess in grade school? 
Submitted by Elisheva Chana.

A number of us made up a game we called two-step tag. I was essentially your standard game of tag where one person was “it” and they had to try and tag someone else to make them “it”… except… you had to stay on the playground equipment at all times. Of course there were always some pieces of playgroung equipment that were too far to jump to, so we decided to allow players to take two step between pieces of the “safe” equipment. If you took three steps, you were automatically “it”. There were no tag-backs (couldn’t tag the person who had just tagged you). And we played almost everyday for years.

It’s funny… I’ve actually been thinking about this game recently, what with my new foray into Parkour and all. 😉


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