In the last/next little while…

In the last little while I’ve been laying pretty low… been good but been tired.

Little X was teething a couple of week ago… and as a result wasn’t feeling the greatest… and as a result wasn’t sleeping well… and as a result we weren’t sleeping well. He’s been sleeping in our room since he was born and we were planning to keep him in our room with us until he was 18 months — like we did with his older brother — unfortunately, his older brother was the only one sleeping well (fortunate for him, not so much for the rest of us).
And so, we opted to bump Little X’s moving date by a month with the hopes that him not seeing us when he wakes, thus expecting us to pick him up every time, will allow him to learn to fall back asleep on his own. It has been almost two weeks since he’s moved over and things have been much better. He still wakes up throughout the night but is able to soothe himself back to sleep half the time. :^D
In other news, I ordered some Parkour specific shoes from California a while ago and they finally came in. There the Freerunner model made by FiveTen. Here’s their description of the shoe:

Remember the opening scene of the movie, Casino Royale? When James Bond chases a bad guy through a construction site, with leaps and tumbles to rival Spiderman? Well, that’s Free-running. We’ve designed a shoe that will help with Wall Runs, Tic-Tacs and Precisions. The non-marking Stealth® Phantom soles and tri-density EVA cushioning helps Freerunners gain the confidence they need to push their limits.

I was talking to one of the guys in their shop who does Parkour — actually, the only guy in their shop who does Parkour — and he was telling me that got to help them design it. His big thing was that he wanted a shoe that someone could wear everyday and slip into Parkour-mode at the drop of a hat. I’m wearing them as I write this and they are more comfortable to wear as normal shoe than my running shoes. I like them. A lot!

Last weekend was my wife’s birthday. It was the first of her birthdays in a while that we actually had enough money, to buy gifts and go out for Birthday Breakfast at Cora’s — our favourite. I wanted this one to be special for her. Alas, she was hit with a bout of strept-throat which pretty much knocked her on her butt, which un/fortunately forced us to stay in all weekend. My wife had to sleep to get better but the time did all spend together was nice and relaxing.
I got her the Apple iPod Radio Remote which allows her to leave her iPod in her backpack and still have control over her play list. It also acts as an FM tuner and now she can listen to CBC radio on her iPod too. The boys each got her a Jean-Pierre Jeunet (director of Amelie) movie. She loved everything. We also bought my wife an ice-cream cake. She loves them but usually skips them because I’m lactose-intolerant. The added bonus to this cake was the extra soothing effects the ice cream had on her sore throat.

Next week is my first soccer match in almost two years… I am excited and frightened. I am in the worst shape of my life and am carrying around an extra ten pounds I didn’t have last year. Ugh. Oh well, I have to  get back into shape somehow. Might as well be playing soccer.
Until next time.

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