steelie’s first video post…

Well here it is… my first video post in all it’s non glory. I mentioned earlier this week that I was planning to do a video post sometime this week so I figures I should slide it in before midnight strikes here to stay true to my word…

Please don’t expect a lot from this video post… it’s a first for me… the lighting sucks… my hair sucks… I really should have shaved… it’s not glamourous by any means… I almost rerecorded it but that would kinda defeat part of what I would like to do with my posts which would be to stay as true as possible to the moment at hand. I will lose my train of thought. I will stutter. I will get flustered. I will laugh at myself. I will annoy myself… but I will be myself.

This is steelie’s first video post… it is far from perfect… but it’s here.
Feedback and constructive criticism appreciated.


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