so far posterous kinda sucks…

Well, I’ve been reading here and there about being super-effing-unbelievable-interconnected-import-your-old-blog-tweet-wordpress-killer-o-riffic. I was hoping my fist post here would be just as “o-riffic” as all that but so far, I have to say, I am a fair shade of unimpressed. I could be wrong, but for me the first natural step to migrating my blog from one platform to another would be the actual migrating.

The import feature has failed on me four times in a row. Nice, eh? It’s supposed to bring over all posts, pages and comments from another blog.

Part of me thinks I should just give up on Posterous but I’ve come to realize that I’m a glutton for punishment — I’m importing again as I write this.

C’mon Posterous, prove me wrong. Make this o-riffic for me too.



  1. Of course, because of the awesomeness that is my timing, Posterous would *have* to import my blog right after I made a my whiny post. And quite nicely too, might I humbly add.

  2. Although… none of the dates or times for the comments carried over. *grumble*

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