Curious… Would you create a new blog account just to be able to leave a comment?

Okay… I have a mini dilemma.

I am trying to pare down my online sprawl that has occurred over the past number of years and one the of the big things I want to do is consolidate various blog I have into one. That being said… I realise that I’ve not been the best at keeping them up-to-date.

So, why bother then?

Well, I’ve been really wanting to get back into blogging because I’ve taken a new (renewed?) interest in writing and feel that blogging on a regular basis will help keep the creative juices flowing, so to speak. Besides, I sometimes feel like have different things to say, or new ideas to share  these days and I would like a more serious platform to share my thoughts than tweeting, plurking or pinging can really provide.

The mini dilemma?

I guess it’s really just a matter of trying to figure out where to focus my blogging energy. Like I’ve already said, I have multiple blogs but I’d like to make one my main brain dump and maybe maintain another for a specific topic. My question to you is… when you happen across a blog posting you like, on which you’d REALLY like to comment, but it requires you to create a new blog account at the host site to do that, would you? Or would you just be more inclined to be on your merry way to find another blog post you really like that allows you to comment freely?

My main blog has been over at VOX for the longest time now but its lack of non-vox-member commenting has been a real turn-off for me for quite some time now. In fact, it was one of the main reasons why I backed off blogging, “way back when”. Now that I want back at it, I’m remembering all the things I used to like about VOX: the community, template options, and all the photo, audio, video and book sharing. Alas, I still remember that commenting-thorn-in-my-side; however, I’ve started wondering… does it really matter to readers? Maybe my own personal commenting bias has been keeping me from blogging all this time when most others really have no problem signing up.

So again, my question to you, I guess more specifically this time… would you sign up for a new VOX account just to be able to leave a comment? This inquiring mind would like to know.

Thanks. :^)


  1. No I would not create an account to leave a comment. Too much work. Its much nicer to leave a comment when you feel like it and then move on.
    If I created a log in then I would probably end up getting more involved in the website then I have the time for. Like I need another thing in life to always check.

    Talk to you later, bro.


    1. I knew that about you. ;^)

      Actually, you mentioned that to me once a long time ago, that I wrote a few things on VOX you would have liked comment on but really didn’t want to have to sign up to just do that. It’s actually the reason I started looking to blog elsewhere too. :^)

      Your response what exactly the same as everyone else’s who wasn’t already on VOX. Glad you commented over here. Oh, did you actually first read it here or over on VOX?


      1. I actually read it over here first. I forgot about the VOX account. Have to go check it out again. I guess I should have clicked the Notify me of follow-ups so that I could have responded in a timely manner.


  2. That’s the main thing I miss about Vox – the community. But, reality is that most people won’t comment if they have to log in. Heck, I have a Vox account and even I lazily won’t leave a comment if Chrome already didn’t save my log-in from last time. :] What’s wrong with this space?

    1. Ha! The funny thing is, I *DID* cross-post this over to VOX but you’re commenting on the WordPress entry.

      I miss the community quite a bit too but after a while I found that most people I had befriended eventually dropped VOX for similar reasons and took my favourite feeds to read with them.

      Don’t e-mingle with many VOXers anymore. Pretty much you, Fish, Hannah and couple of others still on VOX. But that’s it.

      It’s really too bad because VOX was such an amazingly fresh platform at the time. Unfortunately, for anyone who ALSO wanted to get comments or feedback from non-VOXers, you either had to suck it up or move on. Many seemed to have moved on.

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