Okay… I’m growing a little tired of the 140 Character limit…

Every once in a while I get tired of trying to craft everything single little update into a meezly 140 characters… It’s just not natural. I’ve looked into a handful of different services to get around the limit (tweetlonger.com, hellotxt.com, etc.) but it feels like you have to sign up for so many different services just to cross-post properly. So, being the relentless bugger I am, I’m trying to use this malcontent with said 140-character limit as incentive to get back into blogging more often. I miss it but don’t feel like I have as much time for it. Maybe this is a good first little step… :^)


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  1. i've recently quit all social media type apps/sites. i was sick of it long before i quit, though. and was only hanging on to it because of other friends. but in the end, i actually started to get a bit depressed as i watched my friendship drift off to just those 140 or so characters.
    ever since i've quit, i've been more inspired to write/blog and my personal emails with good friends are coming back. we're re-connecting again. it makes me happy.
    i wrote about it first here when i was making the decision: http://shy.vox.com/library/post/to-delete-or-not-to-delete-facebook.html
    and then here about how i was feeling about it, being social media free: http://shy.vox.com/library/post/a-self-assessment-1.html

  2. I’ve also thought about quitting everything… partially because they feel somewhat superficial and a bit toxic (if that makes sense) but also because they’re easily addictive. Alas, as annoying as those site can be, there’s something about them I really like… but that kinda bugs me too.

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