1. First of all, I just have to say "thank you." ^__^ I was never able to pick up the Canadian accent, and I always thought everyone else around me was crazy. I think you're the first person I've heard in a clear voice say "about" and "out" who was from Canada. I finally picked up the difference in the O's! I feel like I've learned something very valuable today. You will never know how grateful I am, haha.
    (Don't worry– I get made fun of for my Wisconsin accent with the O's. I don't understand how I can get made fun of for saying my own state's name correctly when everyone else doubts me. Hmph!)
    Anyway. I was cracking up during the entire story. What you did is something Shawn, Beth and I would do to someone. I love the fact that the woman actually makes comments to you about how you beat her to that one point. You know that she treats every day like a competition. Let her win every once in a while. ^_~ She'll feel special. Mwa ha.

  2. I sorta have the same experience on the Metro on a regular basis. I mean, it's pretty rare that out of the thousands of people who pile onto those subway cars I would recognize someone enough to track their travel habits, but I do notice that there's a general competition to be the first one on the Metro car once the exiting passengers are through. People are so pushy and they pounce as soon as there's a hint of space to get through. I've found myself caught up in that race to the one remaining seat or the favourite spot to stand. It kinda sucks, actually. But it is ammusing to see people trying so hard to *do* something to make themselves "better" than the rest of the commuter Joes. Oh, we are so competitive even with a thousand strangers!

  3. Ha — I was thinking the same thing as Lauren. In your first video post I remember thinking, "wow, he doesn't really have a noticeable accent." And then it was more distinct in this post.
    Accents are funny things. My friend in Jersey says I have the heaviest Southern accent she's ever heard, but I soooo don't. Whatever.
    Your story cracked me up — I'm sure I would do something very similar as well, if only to amuse myself and satisfy my competitive nature. 🙂

  4. Friends… this race is getting amusingly intense. There are now more people involved who are racing to beat this woman… I’m going to try and some video or pictures or something… too funny.It’s even funnier from my perspective because I watch everyone just tear-it off the ferry towards the stairs but I walk until I get to the hill. Then I run up the hill and win TOO easily everytime. I think I may lose on purpose next time so I can get some footage to show you what I mean.I’ve thought about just letting her win but (and this “but” is unusual for me) I’m having too much fun beating everyone. 🙂

  5. Oh and… I’ve been told only a few time that I have an accent *blush* I never think it to be that noticeable… I’ve actually taken acting class before where they’ve emphasised the importance of speaking “neutral English”… I knew I had the “aboot” thing happening a bit but thought I had it under control.Can’t take the “eh” out the Canadian, I guess… there are three of them in the name of our country. 😉

  6. No, it's not a bad thing! We'd all be boring if everyone sounded the same. Except I always laugh when Evangeline Lilly's accent kind of comes and goes — often in the same episode — on Lost.

  7. Steelie, if you want to hear true Canadian (Maritimer) accents, go to the Chicken Burger in Bedford! My dad took me there on the way home from the airport and I could barely contain my giggles (I love it, don't get me wrong)! You've got nuthin' compared to them!

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