steelie’s first video post…

Well here it is… my first video post in all it’s non glory. I mentioned earlier this week that I was planning to do a video post sometime this week so I figures I should slide it in before midnight strikes here to stay true to my word…

Please don’t expect a lot from this video post… it’s a first for me… the lighting sucks… my hair sucks… I really should have shaved… it’s not glamourous by any means… I almost rerecorded it but that would kinda defeat part of what I would like to do with my posts which would be to stay as true as possible to the moment at hand. I will lose my train of thought. I will stutter. I will get flustered. I will laugh at myself. I will annoy myself… but I will be myself.

This is steelie’s first video post… it is far from perfect… but it’s here.
Feedback and constructive criticism appreciated.


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  1. That was a great first video post, Steelie. ^___^ I thought I'd leave a comment with a bit of feedback, since that was one of your requests in the video.
    You were very natural when talking, which is something I appreciate as a viewer. Like you said, a video post shouldn't be acted out like a performance. The flaws and the pauses are what make the post and the person seem real. I also think that picking the secluded place in your house, like the laundry room, was a good idea. For my first video post, I chose my parents' bathroom. Not only is it pretty and well lit, but there's a handy lock on the door that gave me privacy– very important.
    As for your question regarding video posts… Yes, I'd love to see more from you and from other Voxers. I love to see and hear how people sound, and I love knowing I can get to know people through something as simple as a video post. They can be as long and short as a person likes, and they're very easy to make. Although I don't think an excessive amount of video posts would keep my interest as long, I think that one once a week or so would be nice. I did that for a while, but then Vox's video quality went down and I had to stop for a while. Since it's back up and running again, I'll probably try to post more videos.
    I try to keep my video posts under four minutes, for the sake of loading time and because I know that the attention span of people is sometimes shorter than mine, haha. I just thought I'd throw that tip in there. ^__^ You did a great job. It was awesome finally seeing you "in person," Steelie.

  2. Wow… thanks for the thorough comments Lauren. You were actually one of the poeple that inspired me to do a video post. I really enjoyed yours… they were very natural and, you’re right, you seem to get a better sense of the person this way.I enjoyed the “feel” of the laundry room for this post but seeing it again made me realise the lighting is kinda… well… unfortunate. We’ll see… I’ll try a few places until I get it right.Thanks for the feedback… I know this post was too long… ugh. I tried to keep it short (thus my list) but my lack-of-focus and nerves got the better of me… oh well, like I said, I didn’t want to edit it.In the future, I’m really going to try and have a point to each one of my video posts… I’m not really sure how important that is or how long I’ll be able to keep it up but hopefully, it will help me stay focussed on a topic. We’ll see…Thanks again for the comments and the inspiration for th v-post.Cheers.

  3. This was great Steelie. I agree with Lauren in that you are a natural when talking. I love it and would really like to see more from you. I know how dreadfully slow you are at typing! This is goos This is good This is good. Make more. Get T to set up a fancy photo light for you and bam – you're good to go!

  4. My favourite part, by far, was your facial expression about 3 seconds before the post ended! It was so very Steelie!As for video posts in general, I think it's funny coming from someone I know in person (not funny bad, funny strange). The novelty isn't there like it is for other Voxers whom I've never met. But at the same time, there's something so great about being able to see facial expressions and reactions and hear a laugh even if I've seen/heard these before. It makes for a more "full" experience of you. I also know that you are a very charismatic conversationalist so I think this is a great forum for you. I guess all of this is to say, if you enjoy video posting, then keep 'em rolling because you'll only get many thumbs!And a very nice front-loading washer it is! (so quiet!)s.

  5. Yes! Do more video posts. I love them. And you did a great job. I've thought about doing one, but a) I don't have a video camera and b) when at all possible I avoid any and all types of cameras. And also sometimes the mirror. 🙂
    I look forward to your next post. And I love your washer and dryer. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback y’all!Thankfully, I feel pretty comfortable in front of the camera… I’ve modelled enough for Lady “T” (for those of you who don’t know, my wife is a photographer) and having “dabbled” with acting a bit, the video camera doesn’t really bother me that much either. I was a bit nervous for the first post because of it being me putting myself “out there” but it was way easier than I thought.Julé: I am totally going to try a light next time. Thanks! I may have to change locations to get the best setup… *sigh* …I may have to bid a “farewell” to the washer and dryer…Semblance: I’m glad you liked the end part… I couldn’t figure out how to close the post so that was the part I almost trimmed off… glad I kept it know!Jen: I will do more, for sure. I was going to record the post multiple times until I liked it completely but didn’t partially because right before I posted it was when I decided to stay true to the moment. But (funnily enough) the main reason I stuck with the first was because I had previously posted that I would do one this week and had I only had twenty-five minutes to shoot and post it until “next week” would have arrived before I had the chance. ;)Jared: Ha, I would love to be your daily caffiene but time just wouldn’t permit… sorry. 😉 I’ll probably try to work on a weekly “round-up” video as my short-term goal… and we’ll go from there…

  7. Wow…."spiffy." Okay, that sounds dorky. I really liked your video post. It's something that I have been thinking about doing for some time now because everyone seems to be getting into it. I definitely think that you should do more because I like to feel like I am in a conversation with someone even if it is just listening.Maybe…just maybe you might see a video blog from me.

  8. No need to change anything about how you do the vid-post. Just do more!!!

  9. nice machines, can i bring my laundry over?

  10. Sure. Bring it over… we’ll cut you a deal.

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