QotD: Complimentary

What is the greatest compliment you've received?
Submitted by Maraschino.  

This is a weird one to answer… it almost feels like no matter what I write will sound like a “LOOK AT ME!” response… Ahh… what the heck… I have received two different greatest compliments, one from my wife, and the other from a number of people I know:

My wife was in another relationship when we first met, she eventually dumped the guy. The reason she told me was,  “Regardless of whether you or I ever got together, I had to break up with him because you showed me that there are actually decent men out there…” (I paraphrased a bit to keep it from being to personal). I was a tad floored by this.

The other compliment I have received is… forget it… I’ve tried to type it three times and just sounds full-of-myself.


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